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Breaking silos to unite on patient value

At first glance, it may seem that the healthcare sector has little to do with the battle against climate change. But the World Health Organization, identifying the sector’s impact on the environment, has been focussed on developing a framework for reducing that footprint since 2009. However, it’s not all about emissions. Global biopharma and healthcare company UCB Pharma recognize the colossal waste problem at the heart of healthcare. Whether it’s treatments left unused or valuable data not shared, this lack of efficiency leads to around 20% of all healthcare expenditure being wasted every year. That’s equivalent to $1 trillion. ‘Imagine what we could do we another $1trillion worth of healthcare,’ says Bharat Tewarie, Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer at UCB. ‘This level of waste is intolerable. It’s unsustainable.’ Ridding healthcare of this waste is a huge step to making the sector more sustainable and able to play its part in the fight against climate change, as well as delivering much better value for patients. UCB has identified collaboration between all healthcare stakeholders as the key to driving efficiency and sustainability within the sector. Bharat highlights the European Health Data & Evidence Network (EHDEN), launched by the largest public & private partnership in the world, the Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI). The aim of this projects is to anonymise 100m data records and place them in a common data source, driving insight that can help to better predict healthcare outcomes and reduce unnecessary expenditure. UCB acknowledges that a sustainable healthcare system is a long journey. Bharat urges: ‘What we are saying is: let’s take the first step. Let’s break the silos, and unite on patient value.

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