DKV Mobility: Leading in Green Across Mobility

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DKV Mobility: Leading in Green Across Mobility

Driving a sustainable transition across the mobility sector

The need for greater sustainability is being felt across all the industries of the world; regulatory bodies, governments with their own commitments and an increasingly climate conscious public are demanding change. Few industries are facing the pressure for increased sustainability as greatly as the mobility sector. In the European Union alone, transport accounts for approximately 25 percent of the bloc’s greenhouse gas emissions – with that number continuing to rise. Such statistics point to a clear and growing realisation: that the mobility of tomorrow must be more sustainable. Longstanding player in the mobility sector, DKV Mobility, is working hard to make this goal an inevitability.

For over 85 years, DKV Mobility has provided services covering all aspects of on-the-road supply and mobility for truck and car fleets across Europe. As Marco van Kalleveen, CEO of DKV Mobility, explains, “We have specialized in providing the ideal fuel card for every type of fleet or vehicle including services for electric vehicles, as well as toll solutions, financial services and smart digital products. We serve more than 200,000 customers and have five million people in 42 countries across Europe using our products every day.”

However, in the face of the need for positive change across the transport sector, DKV Mobility is demonstrating its commitment to creating a positive and sustainable impact. Marc Erkens, Head of Sustainability, New Mobility and Public Affairs says, “Our commitment at DKV Mobility is to Lead in Green by being at the forefront of our industry. We want to drive the transition towards a more sustainable transport and mobility future.” 

To achieve this, the company is pursuing two ambitious goals:

1) Until 2023, DKV Mobility aims to become climate positive for their own operations.

2) Until 2030, DKV Mobility aims to help their customers to reduce the carbon intensity of their on-road emissions by 30 percent compared to 2019.

DKV Mobility offers several sustainable options for its users. The company is wholeheartedly embracing the push towards the electrification of the transport sector and has one of the largest e-charging networks in Europe. “Our target is clear,” explains Sven Mehringer, Managing Director, Energy and Vehicle Service, “expanding our charging network and providing access for our customers to secure a convenient and easy service that accommodates their travels”. In that spirit, DKV Mobility in collaboration with German energy company, Innogy, has launched Charge4Europe; a joint venture to provide users with access to e-charging stations across Europe.

Next to this, DKV Mobility is offering their customers the largest network for alternative fuels in Europe, such as CNG and LNG – with these low-carbon fuels, and particularly haulers with large truck fleets are working on their decarbonisation targets. 

Additionally, the company’s DKV LIVE service creates visibility for fleet managers and drivers alike by allowing them access to tour and vehicle data; enabling users to calculate CO2 optimised routes for their journeys. It also offers a service where customers can conveniently find available freight in real time and book loads at click – this leads to less empty runs and carbon emissions – a key pain point in logistics. Such endeavours and sustainable solutions – uniquely tailored to customer needs – are indicative of DKV Mobility’s philosophy, ‘You drive, we care’. The company is demonstrating its belief in a sustainable mobility sector and is continually proving itself a keen and future-oriented facilitator in this regard. Van Kalleveen says, “I think every generation has  to make its contribution to leave the world a better place for the future generations to come. There are a lot of good things that previous generations have built for us, now it is on us to create a positive and lasting impact.”  As a future-facing company, DKV Mobility is a member of initiatives like Hydrogen Europe or the eFuel Alliance, doing its part to ensure that the fuels to be used in tomorrow’s vehicles are sustainably optimised – driving the sector towards synthetic and e-fuels.

There is a clear and present need for sustainable change across the mobility sector. With companies like DKV Mobility engaged in ensuring that the future of mobility is green and clean, the future of mobility looks promising indeed.



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