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Electrifying the Cruise Industry with Europe’s Largest Shore Power Facility in Norway

Climate change is a significant force with great impact on the world’s ecosystems. The work of countries like Norway – where the government has set ambitious targets to ensure the reduction of emissions – is exceedingly important.

Through setting up Europe’s largest shore power production, innovating the fish farming industry, implementing charging stations for electric vehicles and using renewable hydropower, Norway is providing solutions to climate change that can provide examples for the rest of the world to follow for a transition towards more sustainable practices.

Driving this mission forward is BKK, the publicly owned Norwegian power company based in the west coast of Norway is building infrastructure and adding value to society with a host of environmentally conscious projects. The company has a core purpose of producing renewable energy and is determined to be part of the solution when it comes to the future of energy transmission.

BKK is a company with a long-standing history of utilising renewable energy and, by producing and providing hydropower, involves their customers in zero-emissions energy, lowering the collective carbon footprint of company, customers and infrastructure alike.

Taking innovative steps in this field, BKK is working to provide shore power at Bergen Harbour. By collaborating with local authorities, the company is providing the largest shore power facility in Europe through ‘Plug’, its commercial brand, co-owned with the Port of Bergen. The energy is from 100% renewable sources and delivers energy to the cruise ships docked in the harbour, vastly reducing the necessity for the large amounts of non-renewable fuel that such ships would normally use. Bergen was built – in many ways its infrastructure also currently runs – around the port and, with the port intending to be sustainable and fossil-free by 2030, this collaboration with BKK to run the Plug brand is incredibly important. Such an endeavour highlights the need for different groups to work together to find solutions for environmental challenges.

The fish farming industry in Norway is huge; the country singlehandedly produces more than half of the world’s Atlantic salmon. BKK is connecting fish farmers to nearby electrical grids, all while developing further off-grid solutions as part of a further cooperation with the farmers. This is with the focus of allowing such operations to go ahead with zero-emissions and diversifying BKK’s input as a renewable energy provider for different industries in Norway.

The United Nations-led 17 Sustainable Development Goals are used by BKK as a starting point for making a positive environmental impact. However, the company is continually innovating here, providing practical examples to other corporations and the wider world; showing what is possible when a company collaborates with industries and governments to ensure their collective carbon footprint is significantly reduced.

With Norway’s insistence that its natural resources are not wasted, it is not inconceivable that other nations will turn to Norway as a prime example of how to live environmentally consciously in the face of climate change, with BKK leading the charge towards a cleaner future.


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