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Hancock Natural Resource Group: Investing Beyond Today

HNRG is one of the world’s largest natural resource managers for institutional investors.

Stewardship and sustainability are integral to Hancock Natural Resource Group (HNRG)’s business and culture and have been since our founding in 1985. At HNRG, we deliver economic performance through sustainably producing food and fiber. We believe stewardship of people and the environment is good business. We manage assets on behalf of our investors as good stewards of the land, the environment, and our communities. We call this Sustainability and Responsible Investing and it is a common commitment and philosophy that spans across our diverse global portfolio of farms and forests.

 With this commitment, we share the belief that the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all – for peace and prosperity for people and the planet.

 HNRG is a registered investment adviser and wholly owned subsidiary of Manulife Financial
Corporation. HNRG is one of the world’s largest natural resource managers for institutional investors.

 We manage a diverse global portfolio of farms and forests located in Australia, Canada, Chile, New Zealand, and the United States. We integrate our investment offerings with high quality property management operations in each of these countries through our subsidiaries, affiliate companies, or investor owned entities.

 As a steward of agricultural and forest holdings globally, we understand the importance of
sustainability to forest and farmland management. We define sustainability as the continued existence and use of natural resources that meets the needs of the present without compromising the environment’s capacity to provide for future generations. We believe that conducting business in a sustainable and responsible way can lead to long-term attractive returns for our investors, and a better future for employees, communities, society, and the environment. To achieve this, we seek to integrate sustainability throughout our entire business, from the assets we invest in to how we manage the land to the way we support our people and conduct business from day-to-day.

 As an investment manager, we focus on areas where meeting environmental and/or social needs offer commercial growth opportunities for market rates of return and as a manager of natural resources, our stewardship principles guide our commitments and actions for how we responsibly manage the soil, air, water resources, biodiversity, wildlife, and aquatic habitat, and support climate change mitigation across the forest and farmland we manage.

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