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HypoVereinsbank – UniCredit Bank AG

Sustainable Leadership, Social Impact and Cultural Responsibility
“Doing Well by Doing Good.” – Michael Diederich, Spokesman of the Management Board of HypoVereinsbank

In today’s world, it has become clearer than ever that ESG issues aren’t going away anytime soon. Indeed, with The United Nations recently warning that climate change may be irreversible if we reach a global temperature rise of 1.5C, sustainability goals are now at the top of the agenda. When we look at the financial sector in particular, the leaders of the industry have a monumental responsibility, in demonstrating sustainable leadership in every decision they make, and action they take. They must set the right example, so others in their segment can follow.

HypoVereinsbank, is part of UniCredit, a simple successful pan-European Commercial Bank with fully plugged in Corporate & Investment Banking, delivering a unique Western, Central and Eastern European network to an extensive and growing client franchise. They have proven themselves to be a prime example of an institution that fully understands the need to act now, and act fast when it comes to sustainability, while offering products and services that meet modern standards for their customers.

HypoVereinsbank’s approach to everything they do is driven by the need to always make a valuable contribution to the common good and act with integrity and reliability. They have consistently demonstrated this over the years, with the first green bond being issued by the company back in 2007. Since then, the company’s ethos that runs through all pillars of their business divisions has been clear and strong. It can be seen through their sustainable products and services, their activities to reduce their own carbon footprint as an enterprise, and through their Social Impact Banking.

With regards to their social impact, HypoVereinsbank have thrived through prioritising their social and cultural responsibility for over 150 years and have consistently ensured their customers’ ideas prosper into reality. Its Social Impact Banking allows them to make an active contribution to a fair and inclusive society. For example, through their long-term partnership with the social organisation JOBLINGE, volunteering employees of HypoVereinsbank are providing financial education workshops to support young people entering the job market. HypoVereinsbank has helped to successfully place about 75% of the participating young people in training or in a job since the launch of this initiative. Furthermore, their UniCredit Festival Night organised each year with the Bavarian State Opera, is part of ensuring the population’s access to culture and art free of charge, with 15,000 people attending each year – except during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are just a few of the many examples of HypoVereinsbank’s work in this regard.

Ultimately, HypoVereinsbank as part of UniCredit sets a shining example for what the role of a bank should be. A connector between stakeholders, an institution that prioritises good health and wellbeing, high quality education, inclusion and affordable housing, amongst other areas. Their core dividends and processes set a benchmark for banks to be part of the solution, not the problem. Looking to the future, together with their clients, UniCredit has set ambitious dates. For example, by the end of 2030, they aim to further reduce their CO2 consumption (by 80%) and by the end of 2023, they hope to be a completely paperless bank. Operating in more than 30 countries, and serving millions of clients in these countries, one can only imagine the impact UniCredit will continue to have in the world as the years go on.




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