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IEnova: A Mexican Sustainability Example

IEnova is a sustainable and socially responsible Mexican Energy company that for over 23 years has been committed to contributing in an ethical and sustainable manner to the growth, progress and social development of Mexico and its people.

IEnova develops, builds and operates large energy infrastructure projects, with a sustainable business model, that provide clean and affordable energy to millions of Mexicans.  As of 2018, it has more than 1,000 employees and approximately $8.8 billion dollars in total assets, making it one of the largest private energy companies in the country. IEnova is the first energy infrastructure company to be listed on the Mexican Stock Exchange and the only energy infrastructure company which is part of the Mexican Stock Exchange Sustainability Index.

Sustainability is part of what we are: We have deeply rooted ethical values that we live every day, our business strategy establishes full respect for the environment, and we value and respect the communities to which we belong. We are firmly committed to conduct ourselves in a framework of ethics, excellent corporate governance, respect for the environment, commitment to the development of the communities to which we belong, creating value for our partners, customers, shareholders, employees and the society as a whole.

We are convinced that the infrastructure we build and operate is essential to promote growth and development and a driver towards achieving better living conditions for Mexicans. The energy infrastructure that we develop is essential to guarantee Mexico’s energy security, providing access to safe and efficient energy at competitive prices to millions of Mexicans, thus improving their quality of life, and promoting higher levels of welfare and development.

IEnova has a talented team with deep experience, whose dedication and adherence to our mission, vision, and values are key to our success.  We strive to be the leading energy infrastructure company in Mexico that contributes to the country’s sustainable development. Our Mission is to develop, build, and operate energy infrastructure which foster’s Mexico growth in a framework of ethics, safety, respect, and commitment to our employees, the environment, the communities to which we belong, our customers, and shareholders.  As part of our core values we are committed to Doing the Right Thing, Championing People, and Shaping the Future.

IEnova is Energy for Mexico.

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