Oerlikon Group: How technological innovations enable manufacturers to do more with less

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Oerlikon Group: How technological innovations enable manufacturers to do more with less

Today, many industries face significant environmental and social challenges which they must rise to solving. In particular, The Paris Climate Change Accord has set the benchmark for CO2 emissions reductions, and the standard by which companies must reach for the good of the planet. 

Oerlikon is one company who has provided breakthrough innovations and solutions for various key industries with significant sustainability impact for decades.

Oerlikon engineers and processes materials and surfaces to upgrade and enhance product functions. They are experts at making industrial tools and equipment last longer and, therefore, are contributing to a movement where companies are prioritising sustainability through achieving more with less. Their work has contributed to ensuring global industries such as automotive, aerospace and textile are using less materials and energy in their production and market end users (e.g. car drivers, airlines) need less fuel. 

Through working to coat turbine, jet and car engine components, Oerlikon are making sure that the service life of such components is improved, that they are performing in a better, more efficient, and all-round more sustainable manner. With regards to the global aircraft industry, the effects of Oerlikon’s work could be seen in 2019 when 25 million tonnes of CO2 was avoided due to the effects of their products. This is the equivalent of energy being generated for 3 million homes in a year.

As we journey further into the age of digitalisation, the need for electric vehicles is rising, as are the new requirements for components for safety and efficiency purposes, such as braking systems. Oerlikon’s materials, coatings and technologies are ensuring that systems like this are working at their best, avoiding corrosion, possible risk and reducing fine dust. The company is also helping the automotive industry develop positively for the future by enabling connectivity of AV’s through smart coatings and increasing performance and range, through the development of advanced materials and coatings for next-gen batteries and fuel cells.

When it comes to synthetic fibres, it is well-known that this is a material essential to the running of several different industries and various societal needs, with worldwide production standing at 110-120 million tonnes of fibres in total. Oerlikon’s introduction of their Wings technology in 2007 was revolutionary in this regard. The Wings technology has been designed with the highest energy efficient components to reduce process complexity, energy consumption and waste generated, while also increasing production efficiency to beyond 99%. 

The positive effects of this technology on the performance of a company can be seen through Xinfengming, one of China’s biggest and best manufacturers of polyester, who utilised Wings to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions by around 50,000 tonnes every year.

Overall, Oerlikon are consistently adapting and developing with their customers and their needs. Through keeping an eye on the future, investing in the right technologies and understanding the external factors which drive change, the company is able to develop precision-engineered components to help their customers have an incredible impact upon the world. Together, with their customers, they are significantly contributing to climate neutrality.

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